Merchants And Interchange System – AS/SEI

Merchants And Interchange System - AS/SEI


This system has been designed to manage information related with affiliation, settlement and payment to merchants for purchases with credit cars, debit cards, and special private labeled card agreements. It is certified to handle VISA, Master Card, Diners and American Express brands.

It exchanges information with networks and franchises in order to compensate the accumulating transactions and in order to receive transactions as issuer.

It allows for greater higher efficiency in during the procedures, both internal and external, achieving optimal results in customer management and commercial decision making. It is a highly reliable system for the reception, processing, and data delivery to affiliate retailers; it allows them to have detailed and clear information from the business within the entity.

General features:
Allows for the efficient completion of solicitation data from commercial affiliates. Assigns the liquidity parameters for exchange commissions. Adheres to and manages in accordance with the characteristics of the transaction/movement and manages the information of franchises and private brands.
Properly receive, validate and settle  the transaction information performed through retailers, and use these to pay merchants or compensate them through networks or franchises managers, either local or international.
Generate the accounting interface for the whole operation and record it into customer ERP.
Keep an information database related to the business performance to strong decision-making process.