Loyalty Programs

Incentives Module

The AS•NET incentives system module is a versatile tool designed to perform operative and administrative processes for loyalty programs and customer retention in different massive consume product entities. Through this system the entity can define loyalty programs for the following modalities: catalog, cash return, and/or integration with the third party incentives module. Examples are, Frequent-flyer programs for airlines or loyalty programs for retail chains or department stores.

General features:
Broad parametrization that allows for the setup different loyalty plans.
Formulas setup for point accumulation that are dependent on customer, seasons, products and transactions.
Different redemption methods and ways to take advantage of provided benefits.
Queries using different criteria.
Generation of accounting entries for our customer ERP using records and reward payments.
Accumulated benefit payments due to expiration.
Reverse transactions by customer request.
Solution available in IBM Power X environment and JAVA open system with J2EE architecture. DB2, Oracle and SyBase database engines.