Financial Transactions Authorizer – AS/AUTO

Financial Transactions Authorizer - AS/AUTO

The authorizer is split into two operative basic modules as follows:
The online transactions authorizer between the network sending the transactions and the bank.
The system receives and processes financial transactions which are pre-validated and perform additional validations based on product type (debit or credit). After analysis, it authorizes or declines the transaction, aligned with the operation type defined (local file or request to the issue entity core system).
The processes performed off-line, such as information exchange with the credit or debit card administrator, with the network or with the central authorizer.

Featured authorizer functionalities allow the entity to be flexible for high transaction volumes and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Card and account service management for off-line authorizations.
Periodical closings without affecting service availability 24/7, maintaining the account balances of borrowing/lending activity that take place without online exchange.
Conciliation processes for processed and compensated transactions
Activation and blocking of online cards in order to guarantee operability and reliability throughout the process.
Fraud control through online validation rules.
Elite customers authorization setup and management.
Increase and decrease of quota reflected online.
Solution available in an ISeries environment and a JAVA open system with J2EE architecture. DB2, Oracle, SQL Server y SyBase database engines.