Debit Card Administrator AS/DEBIT

Debit Card Administrator AS/DEBIT


Debit cards are a tool with which financial institutions offer services to different customers, such as: cash withdrawal, purchases, balance inquiries, public service payments, money transfers, and deposits to associated accounts.

Debit cards allow customers to manage their money through different service channels for transactions available within the financial institution, such as: offices, , merchants, ATMs, and banking correspondants.

Our system operates with the following franchises protocols: Visa, Master Card, and privately labeled debit cards.

Our debit card management platform allows the customer to:
Issue debit cards for code bar standards, magnetic stripe and/or microcircuit.
Card – Customer – Account relationship management.
Dynamic configuration to segment products or agreements.
Rechargeable and non-rechargeable cards.
Define and manage charging plans for services and commissions.
Administration of the channels used to load money and novelties related to managed cards.
Control of transactions, channels, or permitted establishments.
Management of the agreement and charging of money or other by the owner of the agreement.
As part of the solution setup different products could be managed, such as:
Gift cards.
Payroll cards.
Bonus and loyalty incentive cards for customers and employees.
Travel expenses cards, related and representation expenses.
Suppliers payments.
Cards for the purchase of working capital.
Money orders and remittances.
Solution available in an IBM series environment, and a JAVA open system with J2EE architecture. DB2 Database engine.