Base 24 Administrator – ISO 8583

Base 24 Administrator - ISO 8583

The messaging Base24 administrator – ISO 8583 is a product that allows for the management and interaction with  the commercial messaging features that exist between financial share services networks, which serves as a translator between messaging and the owned application that performs the transaction authorization.

The product offers a total parametric messaging management for each of the networks or acquiring applications that interact with it.

The solution integrates the following settings:
It is a transactional solution that allows for management, control, and processing of the messages exchanged for administration and finance purposes between different entities whom interact using the messaging system.
Performs the security procedures for generation and authentication of local or external encryptors.
Compliance with the security industry standards for payment methods and the regulation entities.
Platforms: ISeries and open system JAVA with J2EE architecture; DB2, Oracle, SyBase or SQL Server database engines.