ATM Administrator – AS/ATM

ATM Administrator - AS/ATM

ATM Administrator is a solution that allows for the creation of an inner device setup, transaction setup following regulatory guidelines and network standards, applying security rules defined for capturing, connection and sending transactions. Managing, in a centralized way, the different features and parameters for the ATM, security, bins values, communication and messaging services between ATM devices and the transactional switch.

The system is certified for acquiring transactions using Diebold ATMs for dual chip cards and band for the VISA, Master Card, Cirrus, Diners, Amex and private label cards franchises.

The solution includes the following features:
Control messaging management and processing.
Client-owned cards or cards from other issuer.
Single or group ATM monitoring.
Parametric transaction configuration.
Language management selected by card owner.
Security management that takes into consideration franchises and regulation standards for the financial sector.
The system includes a process monitor and transactions workflow to ease the follow up process and operations control.
Generates transaction statements and messaging for control of entities, cash maintenance and control.
Daily closing and adjusting of the network.
Daily processes, internal conciliation, also with different networks.