The AS•NET credit card system administrator has been developed by using modules that work independently, which allows the system to have a flexible and efficient installation that is customized by each customer, obtaining effective results in record time.

Our system operates with protocols from the following franchises: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners, and private labeled credit cards.

The broader system parameterization allows an easy product definition without further development. It allows queries for customer service where you will find important data about balance composition and interaction with the remaining credit card management modules.

This solution includes the following functions:
Credit card issuing for the following franchises Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners and private labeled credit cards.
Instant card issue – on-site card issue.
Manages the customer and account relationships in a reliable and consistent way. In full compliance with international PCI standard.
Management of changes in the initial conditions that were defined initially. Fulfilling international PCI norms and regulations.
Dynamic transaction definition.
Management of the compensation, sent and received, by compensation chambers.
Accounting entry generation for daily operations, and also for the results of invoice processing.
Automatic debit to checking accounts and saving accounts with payment to a credit card.
Usury rate control.
Over-due portfolio management.
Easy integration with the following modules: customers, authorizer, service channels, third party collection, accountability, treasury, customer retention programs.
Solution available in an IBM series environment, as well as a JAVA open system with J2EE architecture. DB2 Database engine.